Mind Blowing Ancient Giant Quantum AI Super Computer Time Travels & Reads God's Mind

2200 Years ago Greeks built Antikythera Mechanism - Earth First Analogue Computer to predict planets and moon astronomical positions, calendar dates, eclipses and future itself. For 2000 years this marvel of Greek engineering was unrivaled.

In 1495 AD Leonardo Da Vinci created his super computer. Leonardo computer existed only on paper and in theory until 1840. It took 350 years when technology caught up with Leonardo drawings and several prominent British scientists brought Da Vinci computer to life.

It was the most superior thing earth have seen for another 100 years. Until in 1936 Alan Turning created the computer principles which are in use till today. Alan Turing was poisoned with cyanide apple by British Secret Service. Officially it was said that Turing was re-enacting a scene from the Walt Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

But another genius whose computers you are using right know, Steve Jobs, also never believed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story and put a bitten apple on your iphone to commemorate Alan Turning death. Now you know why all iphones have bitten apple on it.

You also might know that early 2017 scientists created first functional quantum computer that except Yes or Now can say Maybe, using Albert Einstein quantum nonlocality principle. What you don't know, however, is that Tokyo engineers were able to connect the computer wirelessly to the human brain to replicate mind of god to create universes.

It is a truly giant machine with monitor size of football field build in secrecy in Northern Japan in this underground facility. Completely concealed from outside world. Despite the secrecy, Kryan channel will take you there for the first time in human history and show just a fraction of its unlimited power that will change the world within the next few years. Leonardo Da Vinci and Albert Einstein might be hundreds of years ahead before their time but this artificially intelligent machine is millennia aheah.

In this demonstration, me and my girl assistant need to concentrate the brain power on creating positive universe. We also can touch any Japanese Hieroglyph we want to materialize and come to life.

But what is amazing that by touching same hieroglyphs my universe will be more manly with mountains and rivers, and girl universe will be more girly with butterflies and flowers, because the super computer reading our different brain waves. Now witness the wonder.

Once again, you are seeing only the fraction of what this super computer is capable of. Its nearly unlimited quantum processing capabilities provide it with God like power not only to created entire 3D universes but to manipulate time and space itself.

What is even more strange that it might have been built before, 400 million year ago at the same place as it standing now. And parts of it were recovered today on Japanese and Russian border islands. In the end of this show you will see how it is possible, but for now witness the wonder of creation. computer connected


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